Hope Families

Fostering spaces where families feel supported during Sunday Gatherings and connected during the week


Sunday Gatherings

Family Room 

Our Family Room is reserved for parents who need to attend to their children. It includes a changing station, a play area, and a live stream of the service.

Babies: 6 months - Walkers 

Volunteers will engage our Babies with games, read books, and sing songs. Although the babies may not be verbal, they are already being formed in understanding the world. We want to model the love of God to our youngest HopeKids by demonstrating these truths: God made me, God loves me, Jesus wants to be my friend forever. 

Toddlers:  Walkers - 2.5 years 

Volunteers will facilitate a short Bible Story and craft time, as well as oversee free play for our Toddlers. Between diaper changes, snacking, and playing, there are amazing opportunities to teach Toddlers about their loving Heavenly Father. 

Kids: 2.5 - 5 years

The Kids will be led through a curriculum that includes structured games, relevant crafts and a Bible Story. The students are engaged in lessons on community, worship, God’s love for them, and the broader narrative of Scripture. 

Next Gen: Upper Elementary - Middle-School

Our Next Gen will be led through Scripture, pointing out the key themes present.


Mid-week Connect Groups

Parents Group

The Parents Connect Group will include a monthly brunch or dinner for your whole family, and a monthly meet up for Moms and Dads (1x each). We know that each family faces a host of stressors, and we wanted to create a space to eat, connect, and pray together. During the monthly meet up for Moms and Dads, we will tackle the question, “how do we build emotionally healthy marriages?” If you are interested, click this link to get more updates

Mom’s Play Group

The Mom’s Play Group meets every Friday afternoon. You can raise your family on your own, but you do not have to! Join this group for additional information.

Contact (Hope Children’s Pastor) or (Next Gen Director) for any questions regarding Hope Families.