Hope Church Jersey City



After being part of the Hope Church church-planting movement for 4 years as a Creative Pastor, Craig Okpala felt an unsettled yearning in his heart for something more. Through prayer and petition, Craig realized this desire for more was God calling him to step out in faith and plant a new church in Jersey City. This call was confirmed by leaders in the Evangelical Covenant Church and Craig and his wife, Kaitlyn, were sent out in October 2016.

Upon stepping off the Path train at Grove Street, Craig felt Jersey City held the potential for God to do something great and began to dream of a gospel-centered, community-driven church to bring renewal to Jersey City.

This dream to start a community-driven church to renew the city resonated with other Hope Church members who lived in Jersey City. The team began meeting in homes for neighborhood groups, building authentic community and meaningful relationships. After 3 months, the team began to grow as local Jersey City individuals and families joined the Launch Team, which helped start the church in September 2017.

Today, Hope Jersey City is a gospel-based, community-driven church called to lead people into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. From weekend services of passionate worship and gospel-based teaching, to neighborhood groups meeting all over Jersey City, people are being challenged to Pursue Christ, Live in Community, Pray for Renewal, Live Generously, Embrace Diversity and Live on Mission.



We are a community called to connect people to Christ’s tangible love


Growing in a deeper knowledge of God is absolutely necessary for Christian formation. It is not sufficient to only know and learn about God, it must be combined with an inner reality; a conviction of the heart brought about by the work of the Holy Spirit.


Christ was so lavishly generous towards us that he came in time to rescue us, therefore we long to be a counter-cultural community that is marked by radical generosity in everything we do. Whether it’s with our time, talents, or treasures.


We are a welcoming body. We seek to embrace our common humanity and brokenness but yet acknowledge our desperate need of God. We want to build and cultivate friendships with people we live in close proximity.


We believe that God is at work to heal and renew the world that He created. He invites us into the work of making all things new. So we do justice and compassion, engage in social and cultural renewal, and commit to pray and live for the flourishing of Jersey City.



As part of the East Coast Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination, a fellowship of over 800+ churches, we affirm the essential beliefs of Christian faith as expressed through the Apostle's Creed and the Nicene Creed.  Central to our beliefs are the following:

  • the church as a fellowship of believers
  • a conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit
  • the reality of freedom in Christ
  • the centrality of the word of God
  • the necessity of the new birth
  • a commitment to the whole mission of the church